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Tom Cruise...??

45 minutes from Rome there is one of the most beautiful Castles you can see in Rome: the Odescalchi Orsini Castle. If you have ever seen the Marcello Theatre in Rome, probably you’ve asked yourself: ‘who are those crazy people who made these apartments above the last ring of the Theatre??’, well … during the 15th century they wanted to have this exclusive residence and … they made it! eh eh…with “power and money” everything is allowed.

The Tour inside the castle is in English and will take about one hour: you will see towers, the library of the Pope Sisto IV (the Pope who wanted the Sistine Chapel) and the Ceaser’s Dancing Hall. The Medici Family, the Orsini Family, the Odescalchi Family will offer you a vision of all the beautiful furniture and weapons used by the soldiers. 
The place is used by many VIPs for weddings like: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but the best attraction is discovering with us the secrets of the Castle …. hey, no ghost, don’t worry!

For lunch we will stop in Ceri, an incredible small village built on the top of a hill made of ‘tufo’, from the 9th Century B.C. until today preserves the magic atmosphere of those times and, of course, the typical Italian trattoria where you’ll enjoy a dish of Pappardelle Pasta with Wild Boar meatballs, salad, and the local dessert …mmm yummy!

After your lunch, with your Tour Guide you will expore the Necropolis of “La Banditaccia” near Cerveteri.

Thousands of tombs exist in the vast cemetery of Cerveteri: they are organized in a city-like plan, with ‘streets’, small squares and ‘neighbourhoods’. The tombs are of different types depending on period, family status and other criteria. The earliest known are series of rock-cut trenches holding pottery ossuaries containing the ashes of the deceased. Most famous are the tumuli – tombs often containing more than one tomb under an imposing mound. A famous example is known as the ‘Hut Shaped Tomb’, from the 4th century. Some of those have electricity and we can see inside all frescos intact because protected by an “under-pressure door” like the “Tomba dei Rilievi”, other tombs instead must be discovered with a torch that we will bring with us…an adventure like in Indiana Jones Movie!!

Back to Rome around 5 P.M.

* No disable access – good for families with kids – Gym shoes suggested

If you want personally Marco as your tour guide for a tour, just ask....


  • Mercedes Minivan

  • English speaking driver

  • Pickup and dropoff from/to your Hotel

  • Admissions

Not included:

  • Lunch

  • tips

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