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  • Private Tour Guide

  • Mercedes Minivan/Sedan from/to the Hotel

  • Insurance


Not included:

  • Horses 100€ a person not included

  • Lunch usually 35€ a person

  • tips

With Marco as your Tour guide you'll visit some unknown places inside the famous Park of Veio: etruscan Tombs and the very old wall sorrounding the entire city of Veio.

We will visit, riding the horses the "Piazza d'Armi".

Every Etruscan stronghold was built on an elevation and Veii was no exception. Its arx, or citadel, was placed on a bluff delineated by cliffs within the angle of confluence of the two streams, nearly separated from the main ridge by a gully through which ran a road, of Roman construction in the Roman period. An archaeological site, Piazza d'Armi ("military square"), marks the location today. A rejected alternative mentioned in the older texts is the outcrop on which the castle is located, outside of and some distance from the walls, and of lower elevation.

The Portonaccio Temple is the first Tuscan –type temple erected in Etruria (about 510 BC) and codified in the Augustan age by Vitruvio, the Tuscan-type temple, in other words Etruscan, was constituted by three cells sided by a double row of columns on the facade. This is an original set up with respect to the other types of constructions found in Etruria and the Tyrrhenian side of Italy, which have one cell with or without columns, seen in Greece and the Orient.

Price of renting the horse is 100€ a person

– Start at 8:30 A.M. from your location in Rome

– Arrival at the Veio Quarter Horses Farm at 9:30

– Visit the city of Veio with a tour guide until to Lunch

– Temple of Venus

– Etruscan Tombs

– Arrival back in Rome around 3:00 P.M.

* No disabled people have access

– Kids must be over 14 y.o.

– Gym shoes necessary

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