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Spiritual trip ... Assisi

Assisi holds the History and Spirituality of Saint Francis, one of the patron saints of Italy and the Founder of the Order of the Franciscan Monks, famous worldwide. This little town is at a 120-minute drive from Rome and the journey is full of typical Italian landscapes: rolling hills, quaint farms, fruit groves, grape vineyards…. all of the colors of the Roman region.

We will drive on the A1 highway, that connects southern Italy to the north, and we will arrive at the small chapel of the Porziuncola, at the heart of the great Basilica: Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi . The Porziuncola was built by the very hands of Saint Francis and his followers, and it is where the Saint died.

Not far away, always with our tour guide, we will reach the Church of Saint Damiano, walking up the road that connects the Valley to the town of Assisi. The crucifix of Saint Damiano, during the holy mass, opened the eyes to the Saint and it was from this very moment that the conversion of Saint Francis began: Jesus said to the Saint, “Go, and rebuild my church”, referring to the Porziuncola, but also to bringing back faith to the good Sheppard: Christ.

The Crucifix of Saint Damiano is held in the Church of Saint Chiara, which we will visit once we leave Saint Damiano. The atmosphere you will breath isn’t that of a typical tourist attraction: the spirit of Saint Francis is present and this presence is almost tangible. Every pilgrim or individual with or without the gift of faith can feel it.

Around us the medieval scenery, typical of the eleventh century leads us to imagine Knights and Coats of arms: a difficult life, yet at the same time a mysterious one. The Church of Saint Francis that holds the tomb of the Saint will inspire us to pray for our family and loved ones, or even for ourselves…. why not? From the The Castle of the Eremo (hermitage), at the top of Assisi, the view of the Valley of Assisi will be breathtaking. After one last photo, we’ll be able to return to Rome with a different set of eyes, with peace in our hearts…. trust me I’m not exaggerating: every time I go there the same effect is conveyed to everyone, you must try to believe.


  • Mercedes Minivan

  • Private Tour Guide in Florence (extra 250€)

  • Pickup and dropoff from/to your Hotel

Not included:

  • Admissions

  • Lunch

  • tips

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