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Ancient Ostia

Ostia is mentioned in the 2000 movie “Gladiator”, when the protagonist Maximus learns that his army is camped at Ostia and awaiting orders…it’s a pearl close to Rome, don’t hesitate to visit this beautiful small reproduction of Rome !

Full day Tour (7 hours) with your private Tour Guide, your English speaking private tour guide and private transportation from Rome. An hour from your location in Rome we can visit Ostia that espites its enormous extension (70 hectares – 173 acres), ruins are very much preserved, much better than Rome, due to different floodings of the Tiber River. “Ostia”, in Latin, means “mouth” in English. With a Tour Guide will will walk by frescoes, amazing mosaics,


Mosaic floor in the public and private baths (SPA), The theatre dating from the 2nd century AD , Ancient Temples, warehouses, old shops, condominiums (Insulae ), houses (Domus), the Forum, the Senate ect…watch the video !


  • Mercedes Minivan

  • Pickup and dropoff from/to your Hotel

Not included:

  • Admissions

  • Lunch

  • tips

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